Effective remedies to shrink and minimize large pores

Large pores are usually the outcome of oily skin or they can also be genetically transferred to you. Either way, they are many ways to shrink pores on face naturally and with the help of a few drugstore products.

The most common reason why you may have large pores could be because of acne. Popping pimples and overproduction of sebum (oil) can cause your pores to look larger and much prominent to the naked eye.

Large pores can easily attract dirt and clog oil which can further lead to blackheads and unwanted blemishes.

Stated below are a few easy actionable steps that you can follow to shrink or minimize large pores without going under a major skin treatment.


A gentle exfoliator can remove the excess dirt and oil trapped inside your pores which will make your pores far less noticeable and vibrant. Harsh cleanser or exfoliator can cause your skin to tear which can lead to scarring and breakage of skin tissues.

Avoid harsh rubbing and exfoliation. Exfoliate twice a week constructively and you will see a noticeable effect on your pores.

Treat acne

Having large pores mean more oil and more oil means more acne! Long–term prevention of large pores can be achieved by treating your acne.

Tropical creams, benzoyl peroxide, and other acne treatments can help resolve this issue for you. Check out this article to learn more about recommended Acne treatments.

Cleanse your face twice

Use sebum (oil) control facial cleanser if you have oily skin. Make sure to effectively cleanse the canal of your pores. Eliminate any products or cleansers that can cause large pores.

Avoid using any kind of cleanser that contains oil. We don’t want to build more oil! But try not to dry out your skin too much.

Use a pore minimizer

An effective remedy to get rid of large pores for a short period is to use a pore minimizer. It can come in different types of products such as face washes, serums, primers, and refiners.

Use Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime face primer before applying foundation can make your pores seem less visible underneath all that makeup. Blurring creams can fill up your pores and vanish them away from your skin.

Clarins pore minimizing serum can absorb excess oils and make your pores look less prominent. With continuous use, you’ll notice more results. Blurring creams can fill up your pores and vanish them away from your skin.

Fake it until you make it.


Another short–term, proven remedy to shrink large pores is gently rubbing ice on your skin. Wrap an ice cube inside a thin piece of cloth or a tissue paper and move it across your skin.

Ice will help your skin to tighten itself and it will also get rid of any dirt. Dipping your face in cold water for a few seconds can also do the job. However, avoid applying ice directly on your skin for a long time.

Clay face masks

It can help in removing sebum and dirt from deep inside your pores. It also balances oil production and tightens your skin, making your pores appear smaller in size.

It’s a quick short–term treatment if you are looking to get rid of pores for a day!

Other questions:

How to shrink pores on face naturally?

Inexpensive home remedies such as ice and a homemade sugar scrub can help shrink pores. An egg white mask can pull out all the oil and dirt from your skin too.

Face wash that shrinks pores?

Neutrogena Pore Refining Daily Cleanser

Does retinol shrink pores?

Powerful exfoliants that contain retinol can be used to make your pores look smaller in size, however, once you stop using that product, it will return back to its actual size.

Retinal, a vitamin A, allows extraction of dirt and oil from deep within your pores.

Does benzoyl peroxide shrink pores?

Benzoyl peroxide controls the oil on your skin and it can help shrink your pores and overall make your skin texture better. It will also avoid bacteria from entering your pores.

Is there a way to permanently shrink pores?

There is no treatment yet proven to eliminate large pores which even include laser and tropical creams. However, they are many other natural treatments available to shrink the size of a pore.

Do pores shrink when you lose weight?

Unfortunately no, your weight doesn’t affect the size of your pores. However, losing weight on your face and cutting out oily foods that produce oil on your skin can make your pores appear smaller in size.

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