Income Report February – 2019

It’s definitely a misconception that you cannot make money with blogging, especially in the first few months. It really discourages people to not join the blogging world. If it’s your passion and if you know you can put hard work into it, then do it and you’ll see the numbers rise by themselves.

This is my income report of how I earned $30.37 in my first month of blogging. Purely first month! I hope this post inspires you to begin your own blog.

Background about my blog

I had always been very passionate about opening a blog and writing articles. Unfortunately, because of school and college, I was unable to do so. I recently got free and in the month of October 2018, I purchased a domain and a hosting through a website. My blog is approximately 4 months and 2 weeks old to when I publish this post.

However, here is a catch; I never posted anything until the month of February 2019. My domain and hosting just laid there for a very long time until I didn’t get inspired to write and set it up.

For all those who keep questioning off where I had gotten my hosting from a website known as BASEZAP. It’s honestly the best out there and pretty affordable if you are just starting out. I have had several people come up to me and question about my hosting and why my website loads fast. Click on the link to direct to the website. The customer service here is really amazing as well so if you have any problem with setting up your WordPress or hosting, then you can contact them and they will get back to your real quick.

I do not recommend starting a blog on a free website such as or, these websites do not allow you to monetize your content. It is better off to spend some money on buying a hosting and a domain plan that to waste your hard years in a free site that doesn’t pay.

I have written several fiction novels but I had never written an article before so my first articles/blog posts were really small and something I don’t really like. They were literally filled with heaps of useless information. I began spending more time writing and improving my content rather than promoting my empty blog then. I used many Pinterest strategies and tricks to direct traffic from there to my blog on the first month itself.

And then I succeeded.

I was thrilled to see money roll into my blog even when I was asleep. Honestly, that’s the best feeling ever. 


February Income Report & Traffic

I will be continuing to publish my income reports more often to share my own stories and strategies. This will be a detailed report with proof!

February 2019 – Income:
  • Ad sense: $26.27
  • Amazon Affiliates: $3.50
February 2019 – Traffic:
  • Google Analytics: 2k users and 7.8k page views


Ad sense:

I had sent an application to ad sense on January 2019 and I didn’t get accepted until the very mid of February. By using high paying keywords I was able to make $26.27. The report is in AED, Dubai/UAE currency and I still have no idea how to change it to USD.

However, by changing my location in the Google Ad sense page I did see my page rpm and CPC fluctuate. I still don’t get a lot from impressions; it’s the click that does everything for me.


Amazon Affiliates

I had an affiliates account long before I even started blogging, however, I was unable to earn anything until the month of February. I definitely had an idea that I would be able to earn a lot more from affiliates but it didn’t work out.




How did I increase my traffic?
1. Pinterest

Most of my traffic is from Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing and authentic source to gain real and engaging visitors. My Pinterest account has been growing ever since the month of October. I was able to go from 4000 views per month to 8.8 million page views in just four months. I will be coming out with an exclusive Pinterest book to gain real traffic. Sign up to my newsletter to know more about it!

2. Facebook

I spammed and join a few beauty related Facebook groups and got accepted. People clicked on my post when I shared my link to a recently published blog post. I am still experimenting with Facebook and it hasn’t been a real success just so yet.

I am hoping to see more clicks and visitors from Facebook.

3. SEO

I had no idea what SEO was because I never studied online business. My main field was Art and Design so it was really confusing for me to learn about SEO, page ranking, Google ranking, and keywords. I was a confused little bunny and I kept on searching and buying books related to that knowledge.

I implemented a few tricks related to SEO which helped me get organic followers from Google and Bing. One of my blog posts was ranked on the 3rd page of search and I was really surprised to see that all happen in the first month of blogging itself.

I am hoping to see more organic traffic from search engines.


March Goals

My February 2019 goal was to earn a penny and see if this all works for. Thankfully, it did!

For the month of March 2019, I am hoping to hit 25k page views.


1. Join Mediavine

I have heard a lot about Mediavine from different bloggers. It requires 25k sessions in order to be accepted from them. I am hoping to hit that 25k mark for the month of March.

2. Write more content

I really need to spend more time on writing content that people really want to read like product reviews related to the products that are highly–popular this year. More posts about my blogging journey and my Pinterest account. And definitely, more posts that are helpful to the people in my niche.

3. Get 20k Pinterest Followers and more views

My love for Pinterest is endless. It’s an amazing source to get ideas, inspiration, clicks and a lot of more things. There are so many things in Pinterest that I am still not aware of.

I’m spending more and more time learning about Pinterest and how this system works entirely.

4. Collect more emails and set up a good one

I didn’t start collecting emails until the very mid of February and when I did, I just saw the number increase but no emails were given to me. Then I realized that I had the opt-in option switched on and because of that, I lost a lot of subscribers. After switching that off, I was able to collect many emails.

I am looking forward to engage with my readers this month by using my mailing list.


That’s all for this month’s income report. Hoping to see you all next month!

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