How I grew my Pinterest followers to 50k in less than six months

If you don’t know about Pinterest – I don’t know which world you are living in. Pinterest is the best source of traffic and that’s probably the hundredth time I’m saying it. Below you will find a few tips to get Pinterest followers.

Why is it the best source of traffic?

Unless like Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms, your content doesn’t disappears away after a few days of posting it. The content you post in Pinterest lingers around for years and years to pass by; it never disappears – not unless you delete it.

Not only that, Pinterest has a huge following of active and authentic users. The strategy of getting huge in Pinterest can be easily cracked. It isn’t difficult at all to gain success in Pinterest.

This is going to be a long post about how I grew my Pinterest account to 50k followers in less than six months without using a popular pinning service like Tailwind.

Tailwind is an automatic pinning tool which can be used if you aren’t going to manually pin which I did. I have gotten used to manually pin every day but if you don’t want to, then you can definitely check this tool out. I have used it for a month and it worked out like magic! It helps you save time by pinning your desired pins. Just a session of 30-40 minutes in Tailwind can help you to plan out what you want to post in Pinterest for a whole month. Join Tailwind now and get a free trial! 

Back to growing Pinterest.

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My story

I started a new Pinterest account on October 31st and as you can see, I literally had just 4.8k views per month and around 100 followers.

I had high hopes for Pinterest, I knew I was going to grow big someday and it happened. Six months later I have 50k followers and over 20+ million views per month. That was a large amount that I could barely believe in.

I used a hack in beginning and that’s of course – follow and unfollow. My account got frozen a few times and the amount of time I spend in following and unfollowing was inconceivable, it was horrible, I didn’t want to do that, it was evil and useless.

I got a few followers but nothing else so I decided to take a different approach. My account receives more than 100 followers per day and sometimes it can go up to 1000. One of my pins had received over 1 million impressions and over 10,000 repins. Wow!

I looked out for tips to grow my Pinterest account and honestly, I got nothing. I even tried purchasing books but that was a waste of money. Anyways, that is enough of me, now onto the hacks and tricks I used to grow large in just six months. If I can do it, anyone can.


Create a Pinterest account to a particular niche

This isn’t a hack but it is a tip for everyone who is struggling to grow their Pinterest account. Before doing anything you will need to prepare an account that aims towards a niche. A scrambled account is worse than an empty account. We don’t want your viewers to come in and see beauty pins along with writing pins or tech pins with relationship pins.

That is horrible! And cringe!

Set a niche for your account. Make sure it’s something big so you have many options while pinning.

If you have a blog, aim for something that is related to your blog. The audience you get in Pinterest is going to help increase traffic in your blog.


Create boards and add optimized descriptions

The next step to grow large in Pinterest is to create boards. An ideal amount of boards would be around 15 – 20. When I started out first I created 5 boards and aimed to pin as many pins I could.

Focus on boards individually and create a secret board for yourself so you can pin your desired pins there. Don’t get caught in creating 50+ boards with just a few pins – that isn’t going to work.

Keep your account clean all the times and don’t create a mess. Switch to a business account so you can see your analytics and how many people are seeing your pins, etc.

Create board covers [ You can create graphics using Canva or Photoshop. If you are just a beginner in creating graphics then you can use Canva and later on invest in Photoshop. ]

As you can check out my theme, I have the same board cover template for all my boards. They have a white box over a picture related to my board.

After you have created your boards and board covers then you can go ahead and add descriptions. Descriptions should be short and relevant, don’t go in extreme details and use keywords to attract a certain audience.



An important step to getting followers is to pin. Not repin but pin. Repining isn’t going to get you anywhere – it may but it takes a lot of time to grow large with just repining.

Look out for content that is related to your niche. Check Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for content that hasn’t been shared in Pinterest. That is exactly what your audience wants! Fresh content.

Find, collect and post it. During the first few months I used to post around 300 pins every day, manually. It seems like hard work and it was, it took an hour for me to find content and another hour for me to post it.

As of now, I barely post anymore but the content I had posted 3 months ago still brings in traffic to my website and new followers to my Pinterest – which is exactly what you should be aiming for.

Find original content that hasn’t been posted or been popular in Pinterest. While posting content [image or video] make sure you have a compelling headline that will attract anyone on the homepage of Pinterest.

You need to capture attention and this is the best way out there.


Comment and repin

Commenting in popular videos and repining can get you visible. Pinterest now has an option to share your own tries or images underneath the pin.

Write genuine comments that people will like reading; supposedly there is a picture of a product that you have, write a simple review and that’s all! Watch yourself grow in no time.



Don’t just follow random people and play that follow back game. You need to find authentic accounts that interest you. Follow them, repin their pins every time they post something and they will notice you.

Message someone if you like their board or account, it isn’t going to hurt. They will notice you and probably give a follow back if you message something genuine and sweet.


Create your own pins

If you are a blogger looking to increase traffic in your blog by using Pinterest then you should add a pin plug-in in your website and create your own pins related to a certain blog post. When someone visits your blog, they will see the pin and repost it using the plug-in which will further make that pin visible to their followers.

It is a long circle of content getting repined and recognized and what’s the best part of it – the circle never ends. Which means your pins will be available in Pinterest and visible for as long as Pinterest exists.

Creating pins isn’t a difficult task. You will need to learn a bit about designing but it isn’t anything complicated. Canva offers free Pinterest templates that you can use. They are simple and they can work out for some time.

However, if you are looking for pin templates that are more attractive and beautiful then you should definitely check out Creative Market. It is a market full of graphics and templates.


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Powered by Creative Market

If you would like to design your own pins than that’s great too! An ideal pin size is 600×900 pixels. The longer the pins – the better! Use a bold, clean text so that the readers can be able to understand it easily.


Stock photos

Find images and stock photos for your pins that you will be designing and using in your website. Try not to use copyrighted images in your website because it is sort of illegal especially if you earning from it.

Pinterest is a free platform so you can add any kind of images to it – there is no problem in that but stay away from using public or copyrighted images for your website.

My favorite sources of stock photos are;
  • Freepik [it is free with attribution but if you don’t want to attribute the creator then you can purchase a monthly plan costing only $10]
  • Unsplash [free source for images that you can use]
  • Pexels [free source with amazing images!]


Join group boards

You can create your own group board or join them. I prefer joining group boards as they get me followers and more views. Yay!

How to find group boards?

You can find group boards by following bloggers in your niche in Pinterest. A lot of bloggers have joined group boards and if you are just starting out this is the best way to find a group board.

Read the instruction given by the owner of the group board. Most of them will require you to either send them a private message or an email. Follow them and their instructions.

Never stop joining group boards! Even if you have a large following. Group boards allow our pins to be seen by individuals that aren’t following us – it is a great way to get new followers.


Repin your old pins

If you have pins that have been dug down then repin them again, they will appear in the timeline of those who are following you which means more views and repins. Change headlines and descriptions if they didn’t work out for your very well in the beginning. Use keywords and hashtags to get more impressions.

━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━

Getting a large following and views can take time. Patience is the key. Imply these tips and wait. I’m offering Pinterest managing services which include designing boards, creating pins and getting an audience for you or your website. If you are interested, please contact me at for rates and more details.

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3 thoughts on “How I grew my Pinterest followers to 50k in less than six months

  1. Hi Matilda!
    I found this article extremely informative and I’ve been trying to grow my followers for months!! How fo you join Group Boards? I’ve just changed to a business acc and l will definitely be checking out Canva!
    Thanks so much for writing this article!

    Much love
    Audrey Cairns

    1. Hello, Audrey
      You can join group boards in a few simples steps. Firstly, look around for group boards in your niche by following other people. Every group board has instructions how you can join it. Some of them require you to send an e-mail and some a say to drop a message on their Pinterest account.

      Complete the following instructions they give and you’ll be invited to their boards in no time.

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