A Guide to Creating Fluffy Brows

fluffy brows

As much as we still adore 90’s makeup and fashion, one trend that has (thankfully) never come back around is over-plucked, pencil-thin brows. Instead, the brow that’s trending all over Pinterest and Instagram is ‘fluffy’ brows – which already has over 148,000 hashtags.

This most sought-after style is more of a groomed and tidy version of last season’s overly bushy brow trend – and it’s actually a lot easier to create than you might think with the help of these tried-and-tested products. Plus, we’ll be talking you through the new brow treatment you need to try if you’re looking for a more permanent effect. 

Revolution PRO Brow Pomade, £5

Define & Fill

Start by running a spoolie through your brows to brush hairs into place. Fill in any sparse gaps using a brow pomade and angled brow brush. Top tip: add a little bit of lash glue to your brush and leave overnight to set. Once it’s dried, it will have a more sharp and defined end, allowing you to create the most convincing hair-like strokes.

glossier boy browGlossier Boy Brow, £14

Hold, Please

Brow gel is the best choice for fluffing up your brows whilst adding hold. If your hair is naturally on the darker side, opt for a clear brow gel such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. If your brows tend to need tinting quite regularly, or just prefer a little bit of extra volume, try a tinted brow gel to add extra definition and volume.

Iconic Brow Silk SetIconic London Brow Silk Set, £16

Add Soap 

The fluffier the better, which is why the ‘soap brow’ trend took the beauty world by storm last year. All you need is a clear bar of soap and spoolies (just spritz with a little bit of water or setting spray first) and just brush brows into the desired shape. If you need something more compact and less-messy for whilst you’re on the go, try the new Iconic London Brow Silk Set. And voilà, say hello to your new fluffy brows. 

Let Them Grow

Put down those tweezers. For long-term fluffy brows, it’s all about the hair growth. RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, £21 has a proven track record and loyal fan base thanks to its unique Hexatein 2 complex (a blend of Biotin, Keratin and Peptides) which helps to improve hair density. Alternate this with a brow conditioning treatment to ensure the hair follicles don’t get too dehydrated. We love the Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum, £12.95. If you prefer a more natural treatment, pop some good old Castor Oil on brows before bed. 

Brow Lamination kit
       Aroamas Eyelash Perm Kit, £21.99

Brow Lamination

If you’re looking for longer-lasting results, or have a hair type that just doesn’t hold with soap and gels, then Brow Lamination is definitely worth considering. The brow treatment is performed by brow technicians and involves relaxing brows and essentially ‘straightening’ them. We tried it out ourselves and were amazed by the results. It’s the treatment we never knew we needed. Expect supermodel-like brows that only get better with time.

DIY kind of gal? Top tip: Brow Lamination is essentially an ‘LVL’ (Lash, Volume, Lift) treatment – but for your brows. If you feel confident enough, order a Lash Lift Kit from Amazon and follow similar steps as you would with the popular lash procedure. This step-by-step tutorial by beauty content creator, @kimterstege, will help guide you through.