Bond Repairing Treatments for Damaged Hair

IGK hair mask treatment

Heat styling, colouring and a build-up of hair products can all lead to dry and damaged locks. Add to that the havoc that cold winter weather can cause hair too, leaving it looking frizzy and feeling brittle, and you have yourself locks in need of some serious TLC. Your secret weapon? Bond-repairing hair treatments. Used once or twice a week, they help to reverse the damage by rebuilding the hair bond itself to leave hair looking luminous and feeling stronger. We’ve narrowed it down to the three of the best tried-and-tested bond-repairing treatments to get damaged hair in check – without stepping foot in a salon.

Olaplex No.3 Treatment

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector

For a long time, quality hair treatments could only be found in professional salons, meaning that we had to wait until our next appointment for restored locks. Olaplex changed that for us though by entering the beauty market; making healthy hair accessible to everyone. Their most iconic No.3 Hair Perfector Treatment stars a patented active ingredient that permanently rebuilds the damaged bonds in your hair.  For best results, use once weekly on towel-dried, shampooed hair. Leave on overnight and wash hair as usual in the morning for truly transformed hair. If it’s good enough for Kim Kardashian

Redken hair mask treatment
Redken PH Bonder Treatment

Redken pH Bonder Post Service Perfector

With more brands out to try and replicate the Olaplex formula, it’s hard to come by a treatment that impresses us as much as the OG treatment. However, Redken has come close to the mark with their pH Bonder. This pH-balancing formula protects bonds and reduces breakage whilst maintaining hair’s natural hair PH. Use in the same way as Olaplex treatment for frizz-free, free-flowing for visibly increase the strength of the hair and improve its elasticity, whilst leaving locks touchably soft, smooth and ultra-shiny. It’s a healthy high-street competitor for Olaplex – at a fraction of the price.


IGK hair mask treatment

IGK HAIR Antisocial Overnight Dry Mask

Ever felt like your hair is in need of a quick-fix treatment but don’t have the time (or energy) to wash it? This is your solution. IGK’s innovative Antisocial Overnight Dry Mask is the first of its kind, using a bond-building formula to repair and strengthen each hair strand. Unlike most other wash-out treatments available, this clever overnight mask is a no-rinse formula. Think of it as a leave-in conditioner with the added ability to actually repair the hair bond and overall structure, rather than just glossing over it for shine. Plus, amino acids help to combat heat damage and condition the cuticles, promoting a glossy finish. We are truly obsessed with this.

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