Acne Treatments

Are you struggling with acne? Have you tried everything and nothing has worked on your skin? Well, stop trying and read this important piece of information that will definitely help you with clearing your skin up.

Acne can attack any skin at any time and at any age! The key to a clear skin is to learn about your skin and what products suit your skin.

Main cause of acne is because of over—production. Over—production of what? Oil! Well here are some acne treatments and products.


Accutane is a medication used to treat severe acne, recommended by many doctors and dermatologists, the treatment is supposed to be done carefully. You will not notice the change immediately, but after several months your skin will be completely cleared. Accutane dries out your skin so by the end, you will not have an oily skin. However, it varies for everyone.


Benzoyl Peroxide

Another medication cream used to dry out a pimple and kill it in a few days. Using this cream can help fight pimples from the outside.

Vitamin C


Fruits, vegetables, drink and pills that are based or contain Vitamin C are healthy and good for your acne. Not only acne but they treat acne scars as well. Vitamin C has natural properties to lighten blemishes and scars. But don’t apply a lemon directly to your face!!


Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree Oil is effective in healing acne and acne scars. It cures many other things as well such as dry skin, oily skin and itchy skin, etc. Dilute a drop of tea tree oil with some water and apply it on the infected area using a cotton pad. You will notice a difference in 1-3 days of constant use.


Cetaphil cleansers


Cetaphil cleansers are known for cleaning skin gently. They do not contain any harsh chemicals which is great if you have sensitive skin. They are also known to clear out mild acne and blemishes.


While some of these products may not work on your skin, its best advised to consult a doctor or a dermatologist before starting any acne product or treatment.


Eat healthy and drink lots of water!